Benefits Of Adopting Virtual VoIP Call Center Services

Any entrepreneur with a keen focus on the core activities of their enterprise values the idea of outsourcing some of the services they need. Call center services are an essential part of the operations of a company, which an external vendor can avail. As a result, most firms are embracing virtual VoIP services and here are some of the benefits they are reaping from this resource.

Benefits Of Adopting Virtual VoIP Call Center Services

Business Growth Every business owner desires to experience growth after a given period. That is not possible if factors that inhibit this success are present. For instance, you may need to expand your call center from time to time as your company continues to grow. These expenses will reap your business the vital resource that supports core activities.

By adopting a virtual VoIP call center, you will save on these costs. In turn, you can channel such funds where the firm needs them most.

Enhanced Customer Service Providers of conventional phone line services may impose limitations on incoming calls, which will affect the reputation of your business. The result is the loss of business due to poor customer reviews. On the contrary, a virtual VoIP call center offers seamless services, which means you do not have to worry about these limitations.

Eventually, this promotes better customer service and enhances the image of your enterprise as a whole.

Facilitation Of Remote Operations Support of remote operations is one of the leading advantages of virtual VoIP services. You only need internet access to make calls from wherever you are, and that translates to some considerable savings as well.

Additionally, a virtual VoIP call center saves companies office space costs. The reason is that those who work in firms with such systems can attend to their duties remotely. For more details on how virtual VoIP can benefit call centers, contact us today!

VoIP Services Continue to Provide Quick, Low Cost Communication

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has been providing low cost communication alternatives to homes and businesses with an internet connection for years. It continues to make progress in simplifying phone calls in a quick, affordable manner, but the technology would fool you into thinking otherwise. VoIP is a dependable technology that takes analog audio signals, such as a phone system, and it turns that into the digital data that we commonly transmit over the internet. In other words, it takes what normally costs a lot of money through a phone service and provides it reliably through your internet connection. It’s typically a lot cheaper, sometimes even free. You bypass the phone company entirely and you use revolutionary technology that is changing the way homes and businesses place calls.

VoIP Services Continue to Provide Quick, Low Cost Communication

Flexibility and Ease of Use

VoIP technology provides unmatched flexibility that allows homes and businesses to discontinue use of their conventional phone systems, or even continue to use them by installing VoIP adapters or converters. These devices are very similar to the USB drives we use in our computers. Once the device has been installed, signals start getting converted immediately and the signal is fast, much like the internet speeds we have around the country.

A real phone number

VoIP is no different from your actual phone number. Many VoIP systems come with a unique personal phone number.

Integration with computers

Perhaps one of the biggest assets to VoIP technology is that it’s integrated with your computer, or at least your internet connection. That makes using the technology doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone. You can continue using Skype or other applications and it integrates seamlessly.

Many Countries are Running Scared, Including the UAE

Phone services are big businesses and the affordability of VoIP communication has many countries running scared. The UAE for instance, United Arab Emirates, has recently blocked Skype and other VoIP technologies. Official statements specify legal reasoning for the action such as privacy issues, voice hacking and phishing concerns, and other vulnerabilities. However, many are skeptical and believe that VoIP was blocked because of its growing popularity and threat to communication services.

If you have questions about VoIP technology or how to get setup for your home or business, be sure to reach out and contact us.

IOT Monitoring Overview

The Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the hottest new technical concepts. It describes the greater and greater ability of machines to talk to one another through internet connectivity. It is the technology that allows you to turn off your office lights through an app on your phone anywhere in the world. It allows machines to coordinate towards a single goal of reducing energy use, updating conditions, directing phone calls and a thousand other potential tasks. Monitoring IOT networks is also crucial for enterprises, carriers, telecom companies, ISPs and call centers among other firms.

IOT Monitoring Overview

Monitoring Solutions

Now that IOT is so important, more and more methods to monitor these networks are emerging. Tools allow firms to use dashboards to observe an entire network in real time. They can isolate trouble spots for more information and also get performance updates on the entire system.

When the power goes down or there are disturbances in the network, administrators instantly know. Similarly, if the networ is hacked or data is being downloaded faster than guidelines permit, the administrator can instantly determine the source of the issue.


Importantly, new tools allow organizations to remotely manipulate the networks to match their preferences. For example, if they want to direct more broadband to a certain node or cluster to increase processing power, that is certainly possible. These capabilities continue to grow exponentially, allowing teams to do more and more from a single interface.

NETRIO is a leading network solutions provider located in McKinney, Texas. The team has helped many small, medium and large businesses get their network to the next level. For more information, please contact us.

NOC Facilities – The Power of Management

As one should know, every person dabbling in the art of internet technology should be aware of the facilities that run network operations.

NOC Facilities - The Power of Management

NOC, also known as Network Operations Center, is a location where IT technicians have the power to manage and monitor networks and servers. NOC facilities have become an important part of maintaining a successful IT operation.

Who runs a NOC facility?

NOC facilities have specific jobs appointed in order to stay organized. Everyone involved plays a role is making sure the network runs smooth and sound.

Some of these job titles include:

  • NOC Technician – Monitors critical network elements and engages in positive network systems monitoring.
  • NOC Engineer – Monitors large computer networks and analyzes centralized problems in network efficiency.

Both of these jobs are imperative to running a smooth operation. They each troubleshoot known errors and problems that can disrupt future operations, and ensure that the network and servers are up to date. The NOC technician and engineer can communicate with on-site technicians and even monitor software, network, and signal strength from satellites.

Why is having a NOC facility important?

facilities are important because they are a centralized location that supports safety and insurance to IT operations. We live in a digital era in which everything is stored and streamed through internet highways and tech. While being apart of a digital era is exciting and convenient, relying solely on operations without the help of experienced internet technicians can be a risk. NOC facilities are run by qualified individuals that help ensure the safety of system operations.

If you would like to learn more about NOC facilities and Netrio, you can contact us for more information.

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Long Distance VoIP, The Low-Cost Alternative

It’s no secret that placing long distance calls with a traditional phone company is quite expensive. The main reason for this is that traditional phone companies still use analog wiring systems, which are costly to use and maintain. By contrast, long distance calls made with long distance VoIP (voice over internet protocol) cost much less. Since VoIP is a wholly digital service using internet connections, there are none of the problems associated with traditional analog calling services that drive prices of such services up, and so VoIP long distance ends up costing considerably less.

Long Distance VoIP, The Low-Cost Alternative

International calling is also much cheaper through VoIP than over traditional analog lines. Anyone who’s made an overseas call via old-fashioned telephone lines knows such a call costs quite a bit. Since VoIP uses existing internet connections, an international long distance call ends up being very inexpensive.

From a user’s perspective, this low cost is probably the greatest advantage to VoIP long distance. But affordability is far from the only advantage to using VoIP, especially for businesses. Another huge plus to VoIP in business lies in the fact that with VoIP, you can make calls from anywhere there’s an internet connection. The implications of this portability are practically endless. Just plug in your VoIP adapter and telephone into any internet connection, and you’re ready to start making calls, wherever in the world you are.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get your business communications set up with VoIP service, and to start saving on all your long distance calling.

Top Network Monitoring and Surveillance Services

Network monitoring and surveillance are becoming more important to successfully operating a firm.  Companies that experience hacking, downtime or network interruptions may subsequently provide poor service to clients.  That results in lost sales and profitability.  A small investment in this area goes a long way to securing the viability of a firm.

Top Network Monitoring and Surveillance Services

Security and surveillance may be the most important network feature.  Firms apply multiple levels of encryption, anti-virus software, firewalls and other software.

Running penetration tests is another important way to keep up the latest surveillance strategies.  Using this tactic, the monitoring firm will send an innocuous virus and try to break into the network using various hacking strategies.  If one of these works, the packet will send a signal to alert the company the methodology that was used.  The surveillance firm can then patch that problem.  This process is repeated until there are no more known holes in the system.

Further, if the network goes down for any reason, the network monitoring firm will have a responsibility to get it back up and running as soon as possible.  An outside party can use software and network engineers to constantly monitor for functionality, speed, and uptime.  If the network is experiencing problems, engineers can apply the fix required.

Most importantly, third party providers can customize for the needs of the firm. For example, do they have huge data analysis needs and need large processing power from their cloud provider?  Or, are they a financial institution that needs ultra-secure security?  Maybe the firm has sales representatives all around the country and needs high-uptime, with constant data requests from thousands of users at one time.  In any case, a network monitoring firm can customize to the company’s needs.

NETRIO is a leading network and telecommunications provider in Texas.  The firm offers a number of telecom and infrastructure products and services including first-class network monitoring and surveillance. For more information, please contact us.

Three Ways VOIP Can Help Your Mobile Workforce

The days of having a landline telephone service for your business are nearing an end. Nowadays if a business has access to the internet, they can get affordable telephone services that make daily business operations simpler for the workers that are always on the go. Cloud-based voice hosting services have options that you could not get before with a regular landline telephone system. Implementing a hosted voice service can help streamline the daily operations of your company in a number of ways.

Three Ways VOIP Can Help Your Mobile Workforce

1. Makes It Possible For Employees To Have Access To Their Work Phone Line From Their Personal Electronic Devices.

When you use a cloud-based voice hosting service, you can download apps on any Android or Apple operating system device that allows you to make and receive calls using your work number. No matter where you are you can use your work phone service.

2. Hosted Voice Services Let You Transfer Calls Between Devices And Set Up Call Forwarding.

Maybe you are in the middle of an important call at work but you have to leave the office to go to an appointment. Hosted voice services allow you to transfer any phone call to any of your devices. You can also forward calls from work to your mobile or home phone line.

3. Enables You To Easily Access Your Voicemail From Anywhere.

If you are on the road or at home, hosted voice services make checking your work voicemail quite simple. With the app downloaded on your cell phone, you can check your work voicemail with a simple click.

It also helps business operations to use the same number for work phone calls no matter what device you are using to make the call. Most cloud-based voice hosting services offer phone lines for a cheap monthly flat rate, contact us today and we’ll make it very cost-effective to set your business up.

Switch to Toll-Free VOIP

You already know the internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of business communication but what you may not know about is how easy and low-cost it is to make and receive phone calls using your high-speed internet service through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Even if you aren’t currently using VOIP technology in your business, you will want to consider using it for your toll-free phone numbers.

Switch to Toll-Free VOIP

Three reasons why your business should use a Toll-Free VOIP instead of a traditional 1-800 phone service:

1. You can have multiple toll-free VOIP numbers which are helpful if you need versatility – perhaps you want some numbers to appear strictly local while others appear on out-of-town advertisements that you want to track. A toll-free VOIP number can be forwarded to your cell phone which allows you or your employees to escape the cubicle and spend more time out in the field interacting with customers.

2. Yes, you can still get a toll-free vanity number using VOIP. Even though a lot of numbers have already been spoken for, you don’t have to use your business name, for instance, you can use your service instead whether you provide roofing materials or dog grooming or medical supplies you could incorporate that into your vanity number.

3. VOIP technology can be far more cost-effective because you don’t need special equipment. All you need is high-speed internet service, which you probably already have, and the desire to escape your costly traditional phone service bills.

Providing a toll-free number for your customers is still an important part of quality customer service, but now it’s more affordable and easier to use. If you would like to learn more about how VoIP technology can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Three Reasons To Outsource Network Monitoring And Surveillance

Many large businesses operate on giant computer networks that give everyone on the network internet service and a way to easily transfer files to others on the network. Computer networks are large systems of information flowing multiple directions. In order to keep the network running properly, it is essential to have an expert monitor the network and catch any problems before they get worse. Instead of having employees in-house monitor your business’s network, hiring a third-party company is a better choice.

Three Reasons To Outsource Network Monitoring And Surveillance


1. Cheaper Than Hiring Employees To Do It

Paying employees for 24/7 network monitoring gets very expensive. There are companies out there that will do your network surveillance for you for only a small monthly fee. By the time you pay benefits and salary for even one computer engineer to monitor your network, your expenses are significantly higher than a third-party’s monthly fee.

2. Helps Save Training Expenses

Your in-house computer engineers that monitor your company’s network are highly trained in network surveillance and receive special training on just your network. When you outsource, the company has experts on staff that are already familiar with every type of network. Outsourcing eliminates the need to pay to train anyone on network surveillance.

3. Focus On Your Core Competencies Instead Of Monitoring Your Network

Instead of utilizing your resources maintaining your computer network, let your team work on the things that make you successful as a business. It will be the third-party network monitoring company’s duty to make sure the network stays operating so that you and your employees can keep the flow of business going.

Another perk to outsourcing is that if something does go wrong then the pressure is not on your staff to resolve the issue. If interested in using a third-party network surveillance service, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Improve Your Business With NOC-As-A-Service

NOC’s or Network Operation Centers provide extensive networking monitoring and troubleshooting. These NOC’s operate with IT experts to guarantee that networks continue to perform solidly 24/7, alerting you first in the case of any issues.

Improve Your Business With NOC-As-A-Service

You will provide better customer service with NOC’s. With 24-7-365 monitoring, NOC’s greatly reduce and prevent network downtime. This means that you will be aware of system issues before your customer is, enabling you to proactively fix any problem.

Improve profitability with NOC’s. Limiting network downtime is just one of the numerous benefits of NOC’s. NOC’s guarantee you confidence with 24/7 network surveillance, however, without the cost of staffing nightly IT crews or paying for overtime. This can save your business up to 40% of the cost of an in-house team.

Netrio provides adaptable solutions for businesses staffed with network management teams but could benefit from the support an NOC provides. With Netrio’s NOC-As-A-Service, you can use NOC’s as it’s necessary for your business instead of spending money for assistance you don’t need.

If you already have a talented in-house IT team working for your network from 9-5, Monday through Friday, then employ our NOC’s only on nights and weekends. This flexibility allows for growth and other changes in your business.

Netrio also has a Disaster Recovery option. Should a disaster occur, you can sleep soundly knowing that your network is fully protected and your business will continue to operate to the level expected by your customers.

Contact us to speak with our team and learn more about how NOC-As-A-Service can serve your business.