3 Reasons to Switch Your Call Center to VOIP

Long ago, the telegraph revolutionized communications. Suddenly, travel was no longer necessary to send information. When phones became commercially available, they quickly replaced the telegraph system. With each new leap in communication, the old way eventually gets phased out. Phone services still have their uses, but are no longer the ideal technology for large-scale corporate use, especially in the case of call centers. Here is a quick summary of the top three reasons to switch your call center to VOIP instead:

3 Reasons to Switch Your Call Center to VOIP

1 Easy to Scale

Phone lines are a hassle to install, and each new line you need requires additional installment, and unused lines still cost you. With VOIP, the ‘lines’ are entirely virtual, and the numbers are not reliant on a single line or physical phone. Your staff can grow, shrink or everyone can swap desks and it’s still easy to adjust your plan and have everyone keep their assigned numbers to boot!

2 Business Management Software

Instead of running through a separate system, VOIP runs through computers and mobile devices, and the data can be hooked directly into your CRMs and other business management software. Calls can be automatically transcribed and added to client CRM entries, call times can be calculated for efficiency, and workflow can be fine-tuned for the best possible results.

3 The Phone Bill

Here’s the best part about VOIP: You’re already paying for high-speed internet in big-business quantities. Business phone bills can be impressively hefty, especially for your call center in which representatives are on the phones all day long. On the flip side, VOIP takes up a surprisingly small amount of bandwidth because simple sound data just isn’t that large.

There’s no need to pay another month of inflated phone costs for less than perfect service. VOIP is the ideal solution for the modern call center. Whether you’re a large corporation or a modestly sized nonprofit organization, VOIP is an efficient and affordable way to handle a lot of daily phone calls. For more information about making the switch, contact us today. Our VOIP experts are ready to set up the perfect call center solution for your business.

Is It Time to Consider Moving Your Business to a Cloud-Hosted PBX?

Executives increasingly have turned to a cloud-hosted PBX system to meet their company’s telecommunication requirements. Why? Cloud-hosted PBX systems offer high-quality office communication features that adapt easily to today’s agile business demands at surprisingly low costs.

Is It Time to Consider Moving Your Business to a Cloud-Hosted PBX?

Small and medium-sized businesses now can enjoy the same benefits of cost-effective, agile telecommunications that the larger corporations rely on, with a cloud-hosted PBX system tailored to the size and needs of each enterprise.

Let’s look at when it may be time to consider moving your business to a cloud hosted PBX, what decisions you will need to make, and what integration concerns you should consider.

Is a cloud-hosted PBX right for your enterprise?

Consider your enterprise’s short- and longer-term goals, your business environment, and the needs of your team and your customers to determine whether a cloud-hosted system makes sense right now.

What decisions need to be made? What integration concerns should be considered? Here are a few key considerations:

  • Decide whether you want to switch over to VoIP or integrate with your current analog phone system.
  • It may be helpful to get input from your team on must-haves vs. wish lists for a new telecommunications system. Remember that cloud-hosted PBX systems are flexibly designed to address the specific needs of each enterprise.
  • Before diving in, make sure your Internet connection, cables, and the router will work well with a cloud-hosted PBX system. The best providers will assist you with that determination.
  • Security is always a concern. Make sure the provider you select is ready with the highest levels of security available for the system being offered.
  • Privacy is a vulnerability any time you exchange information via the Internet. Strong passwords that are changed regularly and security questions are your ally in protecting your company’s data and your team’s privacy.

A strategic and budget-friendly solution

Startups and established enterprises of any size need to stretch their budgets as they plan to grow their business. Here is what the right cloud-hosted PBX offers to support those goals:

  • A full-service, high-quality system with virtually zero dropped calls and a high level of responsiveness to customer calls;
  • A system that works seamlessly to support a more mobile workforce;
  • A system that is leveled for the current company size and that can adapt easily as the enterprise thrives;
  • A system that makes sense for companies in multiple locations;
  • Ease of use, even initially;
  • A system that offers a new type of data collection that can yield better customer data;
  • A significant ROI with a small initial investment (VoIP phones, the right cables and wiring) and virtually no maintenance costs; and,
  • A system that can withstand weather or fire emergencies or relocations, and get back up and running rapidly.

A cloud-hosted PBX enables an efficient, high-quality system that is agile, mobile, and customer-centric at an affordable cost. Whether you are ready to make the switch or just have questions about moving your business to a cloud-hosted PBX, consider contacting us at NETRIO. Our experts will be happy to assist.

Affordable and Reliable Network Management Services

Small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations alike are all susceptible to the same types of issues when it comes to technology. Let’s face it, as a business, internet connectivity, as well as access to network resources is crucial. Whether it’s a point-of-sale system, the printer in the back office, or video surveillance cameras, they all require reliable network connectivity to function. Unfortunately, as with everything, there’s always the chance that connectivity to said devices may fail. As a business owner, trying to react to problems that could arise, and maintain an entire network can be daunting, and very time-consuming. NETRIO provides you with all the services required to ensure a well-kept, fully monitored, and healthy network.

Affordable and Reliable Network Management Services

Two fully staffed, secure, redundant NOC (Network Operations Center) facilities, fashioned with state-of-the-art equipment, infrastructure, and network management tools to provide seamless functionality to customers even in the most extreme circumstances.

NETRIO is 100% committed to providing you with the best service and support. That means we know the consequences of something going wrong, or not working. Our SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) give you the peace-of-mind in knowing that should anything happen, it will be addressed appropriately, and in a timely manner.

Our network monitoring tools give our skilled, experienced network engineers the ability to provide reactive support 24/7. Sometimes you may not know right away when something happens on your network, but utilizing these tools we’re able to detect issues as soon as they occur.

With NETRIO you can rest assured that your businesses needs will be met, and at an extremely affordable price! We’re here to make sure that your network is functioning exactly as it’s intended to, allowing you to focus on other things without having to worry about it. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do to help make sure that your network is fully optimized, and functioning exactly how you’d like it too!

The Benefits of Quality Network Monitoring

There are 3 things companies can never get enough of and it’s reliability, efficiency, and security. When all of this fit together nicely, it can quite possibly lead to a golden age of productivity and profit for the business or organization that balances all of the pieces of this elaborate puzzle. While many companies hire business strategist, bring on new marketing teams, or even invest thousands of dollars in things they don’t need, there’s one thing that the modern business man overlooks in his pursuit of the holy trinity and it’s the benefits of quality Network Monitoring.

The Benefits of Quality Network Monitoring


You don’t need a network that’s constantly going offline or maybe only sometimes works. Thankfully with real-time network monitoring, you can detect inconsistencies within your network, allowing you to make plans to deal with them accordingly. A business thrives on a consistent and stable reputation, after all.


Effectively manage and organize all of your data from one centralized hub. This includes new data, client information, purchasing records, you name it! Whatever information your network stores will now be under your watchful eye. You’ll also be given the latest network infrastructure tools at your disposal so customization is never far from your fingertips.


This is a big one. It’s a scary thing when a company’s network becomes compromised. Financial records, business information, etc., can all suddenly be under the control of some faceless entity from a remote location. However, this doesn’t have to be you. You don’t have to let your network fall prey to cyber terrorism.

Quality Network Monitoring makes sure to keep you up to date against the latest threats and malware, as well as backing up any sensitive information you have. So you can rest easy while focusing on running your business.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us! We’d love to keep you informed about the latest in network monitoring technology!

Leverage Your Business Utilizing Netrio’s Network Management Services

Your sales team has just successfully sold an incredibly innovative networking product. Your entire market is buzzing in anticipation. Promises of a sales avalanche dance in your head. Then before you’ve so much as popped the cork on that bottle of bubbly, reality hits.

Leverage Your Business Utilizing Netrio's Network Management Services

You now need the appropriate technological infrastructure and management services to support this jaw-dropping innovation. You’re not certain how the package will be supported, or the impact that supports will have on your current resources.

Furthermore, you’re concerned that acquiring new resources will likely kill the bottom line, effectively rendering this incredible innovation–DOA before it even gets off the ground.

If you’ve ever had to choose between revenue growth and sufficient IT systems and support, then you probably know this scenario well.

How do you maintain your innovative edge AND your profitability?

One word–NETRIO.

Our specialty is network management services. While systems redundancies can kill your profit margins, we can likely provide you a savings of 40% or more over the cost of supporting your project in-house. And these cost savings is executed by a North American labor force. We represent your business with trained technicians that speak your language and the language of your customers.

We also know that your reputation is important to you, and by implementing agile, efficient processes, we will demonstrate improved productivity for your project. And with our state-of-the-art performance monitoring applications, you’ll know about any potential issues well before your customers. That means you’ll have an opportunity to sidestep disruptions and safeguard your reputation while fine-tuning your amazing new product so that it can be scaled.

Contact us to learn more about our network management services and to let us know how we can support your innovation, so we can help you leverage your business success.

When you leave the day-to-day details to us, you free your resources to innovate and sell.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking or Session Initiation Protocol Trunking, is the process of modifying a PBX (Public Branch eXchange) system to give it the ability to make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone calls. With SIP Trunking, your telephone connections going out and coming into your PBX can now be handled concurrently with your broadband Internet connection. There are many benefits to using SIP trunking including eliminating Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) connections. That means eliminating the standard connection fees as well as any metered or per-minute charges from your local phone company.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking begins at your PBX. If you have an IP-PBX it is definitely compatible, and if you have a standard or “legacy” type PBX it may still be compatible with an interface card commonly referred to as a “gateway.” Your quality of service will be equal to standard methods and should only be affected if your internet connection does not have enough bandwidth, which is rarely an issue. Also, it’s not necessary to purchase a SIP channel for each extension within the office. Instead, you only need to purchase enough channels to accommodate the maximum number of simultaneous calls. For example, let’s say your business has 100 employees and 125 telephone extensions. However, 50 employees work at one time period and the other 50 at a different time period. Although your business contains 125 telephone extensions and 100 employees, the maximum simultaneous usage at any one point is 50 extensions. So, you’ll only need to purchase 50 SIP channels.

SIP Trunking is efficient, cost-effective, and you won’t lose any features. In fact, depending on your current situation, your more likely to save money and since your PBX is what normally controls your phone system’s features, you shouldn’t lose any of them either.

Netrio offers not only SIP trunking, but PBXs, and network management services as well. For more information contact us.

How Trusting NETRIO Help Desk Services Will Keep Production Progressing

If you are in search of a less than traditional Help Desk Service, our support team may be just what you are in the market for. NETRIO provides 100% white labeled Helpdesk Services. All transactions are branded to your specification. We are located in McKinney, TX and we deliver efficiency, cost reduction, and outstanding customer service.Below we will discuss our top three benefits on just how trusting NETRIO Help Desk Services will keep production progressing in your business.

How Trusting NETRIO Help Desk Services Will Keep Production Progressing


At NETRIO we will be sure to respond to issues as they arise and ensure your uptime and SLA goals are met. Our intention is to provide our clients with the information and support related to your company’s services.

Cost Reduction

Cost is always a prime factor for any business, especially ours. We are aware of what it takes to lead a successful business and offer our services as an extension to your business. When you choose NETRIO this allows you to reduce network and staffing cost which is by far a huge cost reduction. This ensures the ability to focus on core business activities.

Improving Your IT

NETRIO provides comprehensive network monitoring and remediation services for your voice and data network elements, servers and applications. NETRIO strengthens your network monitoring capabilities, giving you greater visibility without requiring you to hire additional staff or make large financial investments in deployment and setup of NOC tools and technologies.

If you are in search for 100% white labeled Helpdesk Services, where all transactions are branded to your specification please contact us.

What is a PBX?

A PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a telephone system that manages communications within an office, office building, or even a small business office or organization that connects to the “outside” or public telephone network. When the telephone was born, the computer was still yet to be conceived. Thus telephone exchanges were purely mechanical. Each telephone number uses two wires (called a “cable pair”) to connect to other telephones via switches. In the very beginning, switches weren’t used much at all. Instead, operators manually inserted and removed cables in a large board which contains a large number of different hookups.What is a PBX?

Eventually, automated switches mostly replaced the human “switchboard” or exchange, and with the popularity of the transistor and computers, integrated circuits (IC) replaced the mechanical switches. The IC was far more cost-effective, eliminating the need for constant human monitoring, and requiring very low maintenance and failure compared to switches.

A PBX system was the telephone company’s answer to providing a business with multiple telephone lines, while at the same time limiting the number of outgoing “cable pairs” to the public telephone exchange making office communications less expensive (than treating each office phone line as an individual public line) and much more efficient.

Today, cloud-based VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) systems have made traditional PBX systems obsolete. Now your office’s Internet and all of its telephone lines can operate on one simple broadband internet connection utilizing hosting, on-site, or cloud-based PBX systems. What’s more, control and changes to the system is at your fingertips and is easy to do right from your computer.

Furthermore, NETRIO PBX’s available features are almost endless and can include standard voicemail, call transfers, music on hold, caller ID, call center FAX, and many others. If you have any questions about NETRIO services  contact us at any time.

Is Your Business Phone System Up To Date?

Whether you are an established business or a brand new enterprise that needs to add infrastructure, you need a phone system that easily connects employees to one another and to your customers.Is Your Business Phone System Up To Date?

For an established business that already has a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system in place, why change it? As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Connecting your internal phones and then having a set of outside lines has been the norm for many years now. But as companies allow or even encourage employees to work remotely, they still need a solid connection to their colleagues and customers. A cloud/hosted PBX connects anyone with an internet connection to the rest of the people on the network. As it does not rely on physical phone lines, you may even be able to expand your system while saving money.

If you own a newer business and need a centralized phone system, cloud/hosted PBX will give you the flexibility you need in order to stay connected without costing an arm and a leg. It will connect everyone in their home offices to one another or be easily moved to new offices as you expand and upgrade your space. Your customers won’t know the difference. They will only know that you answered their call in a timely fashion.

Virtual PBX systems are compatible with a variety of phones, can have more phone lines easily added, cost less than traditional land lines, and offer more flexibility across the board.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get better connected.

Network Management Services by NETRIO

Are you a small business struggling to get off the ground? Are you a medium-sized storefront trying to expand, but going through growing pains? Perhaps you’re part of a large corporation looking to cut costs in your communications. Regardless of your organization’s size or needs, Letting NETRIO handle your network and communications via our Network management Services can save you time, spare you from headaches, and keep money in your pocket.Network Management Services by NETRIO

Leaving your network management to NETRIO saves you on personnel costs immediately, because our staff handles everything, including installation, operation, and maintenance. Instead of keeping a team of technicians on the payroll at all times, struggling with updates in repairs, leave it to our professionals, who are well-versed in the technologies, and can repair, replace, or update the system efficiently.

Regardless of the size of your business, NETRIO can work with you. There is no ‘one size fits all.’ Instead, NETRIO can scale our operations up or down in size to produce a customized package perfect for your needs, and your budget. We can operate your network entirely, or in part as you choose, and handle Network Surveillance, Helpdesk Services, Trouble Ticket Management, and Vendor Management.

If you’re looking to establish network communications for your business, or you’re looking to expand or replace your current network infrastructure, consider NETRIO. Located in the Central Time Zone for maximum convenience, NETRIO provides 24/7 service to clients. If you have any questions about NETRIO services, or would like to get a proposal,  contact us at any time.